Alone for Christmas


I'll be alone to sing, Christmas songs this year

because to listen to them you won't be here

on tour I'll sing, the old time tunes

And this time " lonely Christmas " will sound so true

I'll play " silent night " and " jingle bells ",

all these songs, these melodies,

that without passion you sang along

but this year will be special for me :


I'll sing Christmas heartbroken, like a lost soul

no tree, no saint nic, but just plain cold

"please come home " will sound wrong

no Christmas present and for long

I'll come back alone by the fireplace

Christmas will always,be without snowflake but rain


I'll be alone for Christmas, I know it

I'll be alone for Christmas


with a shiver in my voice,

I'll play all these tunes, already now

'cause always you will be nearby


I'll be alone for Christmas, for ever I know it

I'll be alone for Christmas...